Hi plastic fanatics!

Precious Plastic Den Haag at Border Sessions 2017

Precious Plastic Den Haag is a local, multidisciplinary team creating design products from waste plastics. In the spring of 2017 we opened a production plant with Precious Plastic machines in The Hague. With these machines we want to create a transparent plastic recycling system to inspire and educate people about sustainability and recycling.

Our mission is to change the perspective about plastic waste through design and transparency of the plastic life-circle. Plastic waste is a serious problem. Our vision is to simply start together to contribute to the transition towards a circular economy.

Our activities are:
– Creating Precious Plastic machines
– Designing and creating products
– Workshops and lectures

We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us

Precious Plastic Den Haag

Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

Beach clean-up Grondstofjutters & TrashUre Hunt and Gemeente Den Haag

We met artist Suzette Bousema at the Beach clean-up & opening Grondstofjutters Scheveningen organized by Grondstofjutters – Het Circulaire Strand, TrashUre Hunt and Gemeente Den Haag. With fantastic weather that required sunscreen, short pants and flipflops (#nonplastic of course!) the beachcombing couldn’t have been better. At the finish of Hostel Jorplace Scheveningen Den Haag she […]

Graduation Student KABK Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

Graduation student KABK

Last week furniture design graduating student Slav Slaviero shredded his plastic with our shredder. His graduation project is about plastic in the ocean and with his beachcombing event he harvested this plastic from the beach at Scheveningen. We wish you all the best with your graduation! You can check out his designs at Clarissa Slaviero.

De Besturing | Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

New Workplace at De Besturing

De Besturing worksplace: Hi-ha-ho we got our studio! Today we signed the papers for our studio at De Besturing, Saturnusstraat 91 in The Hague! * Our workplace is under construction and won’t be open untill end of April. We hebben een werkplaats in De Besturing, deze wordt nog tot eind april verbouwd daardoor is ons […]

Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH


These two ladies came all the way from Antwerp to use our shredder. Eight shopping bags filled with caps is what they shred in 2.5 hours, non-stop. We’re super excited to see their result. If you’re also living in Belgium and have a shredder like Shirley, then please put this on the Precious Plastic map! […]

Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

Energiebeurs 2017

Thank you Haagse Energiebeurs 2017 for the lovely day! Did you miss out on a face to face with Shirley? No worries, there’ll be a next time soon! Since we are busy looking for a new workplace where we can meetup and work together with you guys! We met a lot of interesting and enthusiastic […]