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Precious Plastic Den Haag at Border Sessions 2017

Precious Plastic Den Haag is a local, multidisciplinary team creating design products from waste plastics. In the spring of 2017 we opened a production plant with Precious Plastic machines in The Hague. With these machines we want to create a transparent plastic recycling system to inspire and educate people about sustainability and recycling.

Our mission is to change the perspective about plastic waste through design and transparency of the plastic life-circle. Plastic waste is a serious problem. Our vision is to simply start together to contribute to the transition towards a circular economy.

Our activities are:
– Creating Precious Plastic machines
– Designing and creating products
– Workshops and lectures

We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us

Precious Plastic Den Haag

Logo Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

Thank you for your support!

Dear friends and partners, What an adventure Precious Plastic Den Haag turned out to be! Over a period of 2,5 year, we went to big exhibitions such as ‘Change the System’ of Boijmans van Beuningen Museum and supplied many workshops for schools and individuals in several startup programs. We enjoyed all of it! With these […]

MadNes surf wax combs | Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

MadNes plastic recycled surf wax combs

Thank you sooo much MadNes Festival 2018 for the awesome time !! Last weekend we installed our transparent recycle station ♻️ and created a limited edition of surf wax combs ‍♂️, specially made for the Madnes festival. The visitors could exchange 10 bottlecaps found on the beach for their own surf wax combs. Again, all we met this weekend, thank you […]