MadNes surf wax combs | Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

MadNes plastic recycled surf wax combs

Thank you sooo much MadNes Festival 2018 for the awesome time !! Last weekend we installed our transparent recycle station ♻️ and created a limited edition of surf wax combs ‍♂️, specially made for the Madnes festival. The visitors could exchange 10 bottlecaps found on the beach for their own surf wax combs. Again, all we met this weekend, thank you […]

Designkwartier | Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH


Come and say hi to us at Designkwartier in Den Haag 1/2/3 June! We’ll be at the Zeeheldenkwartier in Den Haag shredding, molding, making new products. Feel free to ask us anything about the machines, do a workshop, hand in your collected bottlecaps and support the community. We’ll see you then! At Designkwartier Den Haag there’ll be all sorts of activities: […]

Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

Energiebeurs 2017

Thank you Haagse Energiebeurs 2017 for the lovely day! Did you miss out on a face to face with Shirley? No worries, there’ll be a next time soon! Since we are busy looking for a new workplace where we can meetup and work together with you guys! We met a lot of interesting and enthusiastic […]