Come and say hi to us at Designkwartier in Den Haag 1/2/3 June! We’ll be at the Zeeheldenkwartier in Den Haag shredding, molding, making new products. Feel free to ask us anything about the machines, do a workshop, hand in your collected bottlecaps and support the community. We’ll see you then!

At Designkwartier Den Haag there’ll be all sorts of activities: you can help us build new machines , sort bottlecaps in different types and colors and work with the machines yourself ♻️♻️! Feel free to ask us anything and support the community . Hopefully see you there! Designkwartier | Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

Designkwartier | Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDHDesignkwartier | Precious Plastic Den Haag | PPDH

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